CPR Guidelines highlight the importance of reducing interruption in chest compressions, regardless of the reasons for this pause, because this has a strong negative association with survival.

Brouwer’s study outcomes conclude that prolonged interruptions for reasons other than shock delivery have an equally strong association with survival as found earlier for prolonged peri-shock interruptions1.

In addition, the impact of single longest pause is significantly more harmful than several short interruptions in chest compression, so that if a resuscitation team needs to perform multiple interventions requiring interruption of compressions, it will be better to perform them individually with compressions interspersed. The multiple stacked interventions which generate a single prolonged pause could be the intubation, handoff of care from first responder to paramedics, pulse check and moving the patient. Reducing these interruptions should be the goal of Resuscitation Team training and discovering when these pauses exceed in time defined optimal for the single procedure should be the base to improve individuals’ and teams’ performance.

Introducing the principles of debriefing in CPR training is the latest novelty in terms of safety of care and to make it simple and effective as possible Laerdal has introduced TeamRepoter App2.

TeamReporter is a video-based application, specifically designed for High-Performance CPR training. By providing real-time CPR feedback, tips for improvement, and video-based debriefing. It’s a sort of the organization’s “assistant coach” that enables you to build, train, and retrain high-performance CPR teams. By presenting the Chest Compression Fraction separately, teams can debrief the basic technique (CPR score) first, and then focus on continuous improvement of the team performance.
The recent launched TeamReporter application is available for evidences collection conducted by Universities to record any improving in Patient Safety.

Written by Novella Callero, Juri Bendini and Luigi Danesi from Laerdal Italy



1 – Circulation 2015; 132:1030-1037. DOI:10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.115.014016

2 – https://teamreporter.laerdal.com/




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