Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022

This year has undoubtedly been another tricky year, and we are hoping for the best for the future. We are happy with all of the activities we have completed and planned for the start of the new year. In particular, especially in the last few months, necessary steps have been taken to draw [...]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 20222021-12-30T20:50:26+01:00

Dream teams are made, not born.

Sharing a Vision about Teamwork WHAT COMES TO YOUR MIND WHEN YOU THINK OF TEAMWORK? In high-reliability sectors, teams are needed to perform on a very high level and much more important, mutual trust is paramount. In my opinion, trust is the foundation of a functioning team. I would like to share some [...]

Dream teams are made, not born.2021-12-17T14:21:04+01:00

The value of multi-professional simulation

Healthcare professionals must be able to handle complex medical scenarios whilst ensuring practices that are based on the state of the art and are adapted to the specific patient in the specific situation. This involves the interaction between people from different professions and occupational groups. The ability to adapt to changes is increasingly [...]

The value of multi-professional simulation2021-12-10T12:14:32+01:00

SAFETY at the SESSEP2021 Conference

The Spanish SAFETY team from the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona participated in the SESSEP2021, the main national meeting in the field of clinical training and simulation-based assessment which is organized by the Spanish Society for Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety (Sociedad Española de Simulación Clínica y Seguridad del Paciente, SESSEP). The SESSEP2021 was [...]

SAFETY at the SESSEP2021 Conference2021-12-02T09:54:42+01:00
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