SAFETY to handle the spikes

Communicating is essential in all aspects of life but even more critical when you face the challenging situation of delivering news to a patient's family. Therefore, doctors must be trained to communicate effectively and emphatically with our patients' families. Unfortunately, most emergency syllabuses do not include this vital aspect in their curricula. One [...]

SAFETY to handle the spikes2022-02-18T10:05:53+01:00

Lung Microbiota: A new way forward for future treatments?

Human microbiota consists mostly of bacteria but also includes viruses, molds, yeasts, and protozoa which colonize skin and mucous membranes of cavities exposed to the exterior, such as the gastrointestinal, respiratory and genitourinary tracts. In these environments, microbiota establishes a symbiotic relationship with the host, providing early modulation of the host’s physiological development, [...]

Lung Microbiota: A new way forward for future treatments?2022-02-11T13:32:54+01:00

Challenges in Building Skills Competence

Two of the biggest barriers in nursing education today are lack of time for deliberate practice and resource shortages. SimCapture for Skills with Modular Skills Trainer is a unique solution going beyond virtual course delivery to combine digital technology and hands-on skills practice more effectively with efficient assessment and evaluation tools. This solution [...]

Challenges in Building Skills Competence2022-02-04T10:23:54+01:00
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