A (simulation) Christmas tale

Many, many years ago, in a small town in Lapland, a woodcutter found a small boy lost in the woods while coming back from his daily work. The woodcutter decided to bring back the small boy into his home, hoping that the boy’s parents would eventually come looking for him. Time went by [...]

A (simulation) Christmas tale2022-12-21T10:22:09+01:00

SAFETY is online on YouTube!

The SAFETY team is pleased to announce that the SAFETY YouTube channel is now online! Subscribe now to our @safetymedsim YT channel!! There we will publish our contents, introduce ourselves and connect with our stakeholders in a more engaging and interactive way, in sight of the launch of our e-learning course! Since November, [...]

SAFETY is online on YouTube!2022-12-20T17:25:59+01:00
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