The working team of the SAFETY – Simulation Approach For Education and Training in emergencY project, funded by the European Program Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance 2, and coordinated by the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences of the University of Foggia, has contributed in  the closing event of the project, held in Foggia on 30-31 January. 

The SAFETY project has seen all partners actively engaged in these three years of work within an international environment and satisfied for reaching the final phase to share the results obtained. 

This event was hosted by the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences of the University of Foggia, and took place in two important moments dedicated both to an internal project meeting in which all partners were able to discuss the activities carried out, and held a thematic workshop open to stakeholders of the sector. 

Specifically, the workshop entitled “New frontiers and opportunities for education in Medical science: the case of the European project SAFETY” was aimed as an opportunity to present the results of the project, including the SAFETY Moodle platform developed for training in e-learning to support courses in Emergency Medicine, as well as a moment of discussion on the topic of training, medical simulation and the importance of networking at a European level, also through open discussion with the exchange of good practices and new ideas. 

In this regard, several experts participated at the workshop, among those the invited speaker Dr. Stefania Brusa (Specialist in Anesthesia at Humanitas Research Hospital in Rozzano, MI  and new Coordinator of the SIAARTI study group on simulation), who together with important representatives of the universities (University of Foggia, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases “Prof Dr CC Iliescu”,  Ludwig-Maximilians-University, University of Stavanger) and companies (InfoTech, Laerdal, Take The Wind, Azienda Sanitaria dell’Alto Adige) involved in the project,  shared their experiences and enriched the event. 

The SAFETY final event attracted the interest of a large audience (more than 60 participants), made by students (from Medical and Nurses courses), as well as trainee doctors, researchers and professors from different medical fields. 

For more information on the final SAFETY event, the poster and the workshop program are attached. 


Written by Fedele Colantuono – UniFg SAFETY team 




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