SAFETY Project inspires: a Norwegian project for student active simulation-based learning in higher education

Photo credits: Elisabeth Tønnessen Here we present a project that will substantially build on the findings of SAFETY+ and offers possibilities for future dissemination activities for SAFETY+. This is an example of a local project in Norway aiming to increase student involvement and the use of simulation-based learning for one profession. By focusing [...]

SAFETY Project inspires: a Norwegian project for student active simulation-based learning in higher education2021-04-30T07:20:07+02:00

The art of being good

We all perform as, human beings, actions we believe are good practices. We brush our teeth before going to bed and we try to sleep the recommended number of hours whenever possible. Both actions have been reported to reinforce our sense of well- being. In simulation, there are also strategies and actions that [...]

The art of being good2021-04-23T08:57:46+02:00

Importance of standardization

With the pandemic situation the differences between institution were even more highlighted. Schools with no access to e-learning platforms or digital resources either immediately found a solution or saw their classes and rotations being suspended. For this reason, virtual patients are most of the times presented by educators and healthcare professionals as a [...]

Importance of standardization2021-04-20T09:35:39+02:00

Inclusion, digital and green skills: the new Erasmus + 2021 – 2027

The new Erasmus+ 2021-2027 was launched last March 25 by the European Commission which adopted the first Erasmus + annual work program. The Program budget is 26.2 billion euros, compared to 14.7 billion euros for the period 2014 - 2020, to which will be added approximately 2.2 billion euros from the EU's external [...]

Inclusion, digital and green skills: the new Erasmus + 2021 – 20272021-04-13T10:33:08+02:00

Today is the SAFETY Q-Day!

The SAFETY team launches a survey on the needs analysis to understand the gap in the emergency medicine and simulation sector to renew the existing training offer and to overcome training gaps, making practitioners safer and ready to operate in real emergency conditions or collaborate with companies involved in the development of medical [...]

Today is the SAFETY Q-Day!2021-04-10T17:34:04+02:00

Seeker of truth

We have abundantly talked about simulation, skills, team working and communication, in which learners have a central key role. But who is behind? Who is the “simulation facilitator”? As published in 2015 by Simmed (Italian Society of Simulation), the simulation facilitator has aptitude for leadership and teamwork, the ability to conduct a scenario [...]

Seeker of truth2021-04-09T10:06:04+02:00

LD- HF Laerdal Evidence Approach

The Research can guide the Industries’ Solutions and Products’ Design, especially when the Parties have a common mission saves lives. In 2011, the study published on Pediatric1 highlighted the importance of brief bedside CPR skill retraining program in successful skill acquisition rate and how the intermittent refresh CPR training can improve CPR skill [...]

LD- HF Laerdal Evidence Approach2021-04-02T10:17:53+02:00
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