Slow means precise, precise means faster

The simulation teaching approach requires more time, resources and preparation than the traditional method. Despite this slower pace, the simulation-teaching method guarantees an immediate increase in the knowledge acquired and greater confidence in what has been learned. The study shows this: "Li CH, Kuan WS, Mahadevan M, Daniel-Underwood L, Chiu TF, Nguyen HB; [...]

Slow means precise, precise means faster2022-04-26T11:24:47+02:00

Management of the COVID-19 pandemic in the romanian ICUs

The organization of the structure adapted to COVID 19 patient management started during the state of emergency in Romania between 16.03.2020 and 15.05.2020. The National Intensive Care Committee was set up under the coordination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health. Eight coordinators have been established for the 8 [...]

Management of the COVID-19 pandemic in the romanian ICUs2022-04-12T11:11:08+02:00

Basics of Debriefing

Simulation allows making experience without risking safety for our “real” patients. But how do we make sure that our learners in the sim center really “learn” in the end? We all know that debriefing is important, but what are the basic ideas behind doing debriefings? What we know The Debriefing … … is [...]

Basics of Debriefing2022-04-05T10:20:30+02:00
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