Sustainability in health care

The Corona pandemic of recent years has, on the one hand, brought the essential importance of health for all areas of life back into the collective consciousness, and, on the other hand, has thus highlighted the urgent need to integrate the issue of sustainability in healthcare into politics and society. The 2030 Agenda, [...]

Sustainability in health care2022-07-26T12:17:49+02:00

In situ multidisciplinary simulation in obstetric emergencies

Obstetric emergencies are the most complex situations that can happen in the maternity ward. A multidisciplinary team made up of obstetricians, anesthesiologists, neonatologists, midwives and health assistants normally intervenes in the management of these situations. In this context, it is now known that a majority of complications and morbidity actually result from ineffective [...]

In situ multidisciplinary simulation in obstetric emergencies2022-07-19T16:42:28+02:00

New book on: “Practical Guide to Simulation in Delivery Room Emergencies”

Prof. Gilda Cinnella, from the University of Foggia team, together with Dr. Renata Beck and Prof. Antonio Malvasi, recently cooperated on the publication of a new book about the use of hybrid simulation in delivery room emergencies. This is a concrete example of cooperation among different experts in the field of simulation. The [...]

New book on: “Practical Guide to Simulation in Delivery Room Emergencies”2022-07-05T18:20:35+02:00
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