Project management: the construction of the international network and partners search

The management of a project begins before the project itself: the phase of structuring, preparation, sharing, integration of the proposal is just as important as its implementation. Or maybe, it is even more important, considering that the preparation of the proposal brings to its success, in terms of access to financing. When starting the implementation of a [...]

How does SimCapture support Remote Simulation?

During Covid-19 Pandemic while Universities have been trying to figure out what remote learning looks like regarding high fidelity Simulation and OSCEs and the Learners were socially distanced, without chances to access hospitals for clinical practices, Laerdal has implemented new functions in its own Learning Management System: SimCapture, to offer a solution to these challenges. Even if, [...]

COVID-19 Pandemic urges for simulation

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented disruption in medical education and healthcare systems in Romania and worldwide [1]. The cancellation of clerkships, which are necessary for both skill acquisition and relationship building, is a serious issue that students and medical schools must now resolve [2]. In our institution (Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases “Prof. Dr CC [...]

Did you know about our Associated Partners?

Dissemination activities are of fundamental importance for the realization of the project results. This process is fuelled by the joint efforts made by the consortium; however, an important role is played by the Associated Partners. They are strongly recommended by the European Commission (EC) to ensure the exploitation of the results and the sustainability of the project [...]

Which are the main goals of SAFETY project?

SAFETY project was kicked-off in November 2020 and is now completing the first activities related to the analysis of the needs of Higher Education Institutions and companies in the field of medical simulation. But what are the main goals of the project? The main objective of the project is to assess the gap between theoretical and practical [...]

2nd official SAFETY project virtual Meeting “Barcelona” – 5 May 2021

The 2nd official SAFETY project virtual Meeting "Barcelona" was held online! The 10 project partners from 7 European countries (Austria, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Italy) gathered to discuss the project tasks and first results that the leaders of the various WPs are carrying out. Important discussions emerged on the progress of work on the analysis [...]

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