You can’t put a value on that… Or can you? Economic evaluation in simulation-based medical education

Simulation-based medical education (SBME) is often resource-intensive, yet rigorous evaluation of the costs and benefits of simulation programmes or activities is rare. Lin et al.1 raise the important issue of economic evaluation of SBME and offer guidance on its implementation by exploring challenges and opportunities. We offer support for discipline in the economic evaluation of simulation while urging [...]

Gender equality: is it also a concern for Intensive Care Medicine?

Although in recent years the absolute number of women earning degrees across science, technology, engineering, and medical fields (STEM) has increased relative to men, gender equality is a widely discussed and researched concept. There is a great debate at international level on the mismatch of skills, necessary and required for building a satisfying career not commonly taught [...]

Simulation for trauma management in an online environment SAFETY at the Congress of the Romanian Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 2021

The Simulation Centre in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care in Bucharest (CESIMAB) is one of the five simulation centres in Romania established and equipped in 2019, collaborating between Romanian authorities and the Swiss Government. Its activity has been steadily improving through in-house training, participation in international projects such as C-19 Space, and courses provided at the national congresses [...]

The price of CPR pause can be improved with an app

CPR Guidelines highlight the importance of reducing interruption in chest compressions, regardless of the reasons for this pause, because this has a strong negative association with survival. Brouwer’s study outcomes conclude that prolonged interruptions for reasons other than shock delivery have an equally strong association with survival as found earlier for prolonged peri-shock interruptions1. In addition, the [...]

“The more I practice, the luckier I get”

Gary Player, a famous South African golfer once said. This saying is not limited to golf, or even sport, but applicable to many other fields in life as well. Probably also to medicine. We all know from our own experiences, that a lesson taught in a typical classroom is not necessarily a lesson learned. Sitting in overheated [...]

Do you know medical simulation?

SAFETY project aims to renew the existing training offer and to overcome training gaps, making practitioners safer and ready to operate in real emergency conditions or collaborate with companies involved in the development of medical simulation tools. Medical simulation is a medical training technique in which a medical situation is simulated, and students are given the opportunity [...]

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