Adding on to the last articles: a few more arguments on when, what, why to train with medical simulation

As reported in many safety articles before, teamwork in operating rooms critically influences patients’ safety and quality of case. Simulation-based team training (1) is an effective method to impart these important qualities like teamwork, decision-making and quality care, among interprofessional teams. As mentioned before in this group, medical simulation is a useful practice in the medical field [...]

EU4Health: open the call for public procurement in the health sector

The European Executive Agency for Health and Digital (HaDEA) has published the call for proposals' Supporting the structured dialogue at national or regional level on public procurement in the health sector - HERA (EU4H-2022-PJ-4) '. The call supports the policy priority of responding to the pandemic crisis in a cooperative and coordinated way between member states and [...]

In situ simulation as part of risk management for the opening of new clinical facilities

“The use of in situ simulation as a method for a system check in new facilities allows the identification and subsequent removal of potential safety threats and may prevent critical incidents with real patients” [1]. In situ simulation is defined as a team based training of emergencies in the everyday working environment of the attendees and characterized [...]

InterRegSim – The Collaborative Network for Simulation-based Learning in Norwegian Hospitals.

Establishing a government-mandated national collaborative network for simulation-based learning in Norwegian hospitals: Opportunities and Responsibilities Simulation-based learning is recognized as an important educational method for health professionals as well as for students in learning new tasks, competence enhancement, and lifelong learning. However, the health trusts in Norway have different levels of maturity regarding simulation-based learning, and the [...]

Do you practice teaming?

Amy C Edmonson defines teaming as teamwork on the fly. Nowadays in many organizations, including hospitals, we have lost the luxury of stable teams. In many circumstances, experts have to work together without knowing each other, they haven´t had the opportunity to train together or create bonds. I am sure we can all recall a situation where [...]

GEMEDIC: Summer School in Medical and Surgical Emergency Management

The summer school for anaesthetists and resuscitators The Summer School in Management of Medical and Surgical Emergencies (GEMEDIC) started on Monday, 3 October. It is aimed at recent graduates and residents in Anaesthesia and Resuscitation who will be involved in an intense week of training at the Sim-U-Med simulation centre and in the classrooms of the Anaesthesia [...]




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