The SAFETY partners met on 28th March 2023 for a periodic project meeting, hosted by the EICD team at the Fundeni Clinical Institute (Bucharest, Romania).

The meeting was intended to discuss the implementation and main achievements from the WP4 “Turning training materials into e-learning course” and to plan the coming activities related to the WP5 “Developing new modules for exceptional Emergency Medicine situations and delivering the whole Course”.

As for the WP4, Dr. Mihai Stefan (EICD), supported by his colleagues (Prof. Daniela Filipescu, Prof. Serban  Bubenek, Dr. Cosmin Balan, Dr. Predoi Cornelia, Dr. Liliana Valeanu and Dr. Robu Cornel), gave a brief introduction on the theoretical modules prepared so far by all academic partners, involving all participants in an open discussion to share their experiences on preparing the training materials for theoretical modules and the gaps encountered.

It is worth noting that in the second year of project implementation, SAFETY partners developed 5 theoretical modules (around 2 hours each) and 25 practical modules (Emergency simulations) under WP3 (Preparing and testing the training material for e-learning theoretical and practical modules) led by the LMU (represented by Dr. Marc Lazarovici and Dr. Katarina Grujic).

In addition, a special attention was given to the theoretical videos that will be included in the set of material available for the e-learning Moodle platform, already established on the SAFETY website and soon available to the public after registration.

Important decisions were also taken on practical modules preparation, since all academic partners are delivering their first videos and shared their thoughts about the realization of the pilot courses and how to organize them: in terms of numbers to reach and learners to involve. Some useful hints were shared by the team from Stavanger University (represented by Dr. Camilla Normand, Dr. Une Elisabeth Stømer, Dr. Nina Vatland, Dr. Thor Ole Gulsrud), with their latest experience on filming the video prototypes.

To this aim the Action Plan developed under WP4 represents a useful guide for all partners to align each other and produce the same standard quality materials, as also suggested by the technical partner Dr. Lukas Dabrauer, being involved on the project tools and results evaluation.

Regarding the discussion on WP5, Dr. Cristina Ibañez and Dr. Lidia Gomez (HUBC) presented the main objectives of this WP and promoted an open discussion where all partners contributed to the planning of activities and tasks organization, in order to develop specific material for exceptional situations, targeted to each component of the Emergency Team when:

  • the team does not have promptly ready one of the professional component (situations in which the doctors acts without nurses and vice versa);
  • presence of patient’s panicked relatives.

The meeting discussion was also addressed to some specific aspects related to the project management, deadlines and planning covered by the UniFg representatives (Prof. Gilda Cinnella and Dr. Fedele Colantuono) with the technical support of the Valuedo team (Dr. Alessandro Guadagni and Dr. Stefano Pianigiani).

One more important topic discussed was about dissemination and coming events in program where partners will contribute to spread SAFETY results and enlarge the network. Dr Antonio Scrocco (InfoTech) reminded partners about the coming deadlines and contributions supporting the project website and overall Communication & Dissemination activities.

The meeting also represented a good occasion for the presentation of the new partner “SABES” (represented by Dr. Alex Staffler from remote connection) that recently joined the SAFETY project, with the aim to enrich the training material with more theoretical and practical modules on  Neonatology, Perinatology and Pediatrics, all missing topics among the actual project partners’ competencies.

During the meeting break, the EICD team invited all participants to visit their simulation center, giving some demonstrations about the facility and the use of simulation devices, instruments and innovative tools available.

All participants, included those attending online (Prof. Lucia Mirabella – UniFg, Dr. Alex Staffler – SABES,  Dr. Katarina Grujic, Dr. Marc Lazarovici and Dr. Christopher Helmbrecht – LMU, Ana Santa – TTW) were satisfied with the meeting, they will continue with the assigned work and meet online when needed, looking forward to delivering the training materials for new initiatives and dissemination activities soon.

Written by Dr. Fedele Colantuono (University of Foggia)




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