Prof. Gilda Cinnella, from the University of Foggia team, together with Dr. Renata Beck and Prof. Antonio Malvasi, recently cooperated on the publication of a new book about the use of hybrid simulation in delivery room emergencies. This is a concrete example of cooperation among different experts in the field of simulation.

The use of a patient actor combined with a task trainer within the same session substantially improves the training for practical management of intrapartum emergencies in real life, reducing the risk of failure of operative vaginal delivery and of related adverse events, including perinatal or maternal complications. Furthermore, simulation with high reality computerized mannequin and scenography of emergency situations can improve technical and manual skills of the participants.

For this book and the related videos, a new generation of mannequins suitable for both clinical maneuvers and ultrasound examination is used to simulate all clinical scenarios of emergency that can happen in the delivery room for both the mother and the child.

According to the authors, this unique book is a useful tool for medical students, residents, practicing pediatricians, anesthetists, obstetricians and all health care professionals working in the delivery room in their ability to deal with critical and emergency situations with safety and good medical practice.

(Publisher Springer International Publishing AG , 2022)

Written by the UNIFG team (Italy)




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