Nowadays the communication is arising as being of paramount importance for all the activities that human beings undertake, from private to job affairs. People indeed feel the need of being constantly connected with communities they either belong to or are far away from.

This approach returns a sort of legitimacy on something that one would like to share. By contrast, in the case of job affairs, one is interested in reaching as large as possible stakeholders in order to trigger multiplier effects thereby generating the outcomes one strived for.

By taking inspiration from the above private and job affairs reasonings, the SAFETY Project aims at spreading out the result as much as possible in order to achieve both legitimacy and outcomes.

To do this, we adopt several dissemination channels. In particular, we have an official website, made of different sections:

  • HOME: where you can find the latest three articles, the widget to subscribe to the SAFETY newsletter, and the logos of SAFETY Partners;
  • ABOUT: where the project is described and the project team is graphically introduced;
  • PARTNERS: where you can find a brief description of each project partner;
  • NEWS: where finding all the articles published and authored by the SAFETY partners;
  • CONTACT: where it is possible to get in contact with the SAFETY team and to subscribe to our newsletter.

In the next few days we will add two new sections: a section on Associated Partners – where they will be introduced to our stakeholders – and the Results section – where all the SAFETY outputs will be uploaded.

Further, you can find the SAFETY Project at the following official social media account where we share constantly our news and outputs:




SAFETY Project


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Written by Infotech team, Italy




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