The university has 12 000 students and 1 600 staff members and is still growing both in numbers and scope of operations. Six faculties and one archaeological museum comprise its main units together with a number of departments, research centres and networks within the main fields of academic activity. These are health and welfare, energy and technology, education, performing arts, social sciences and humanities, hotel management, business administration and media production.

Being a relatively young university, UiS has developed strong links and collaboration with both the public and the private sector of the region. There is a core focus on developing innovation and entrepreneurship in all aspects of education and research, which in 2012 led to the membership in the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU). Together with these partners we obtained an EU grant in the first round of European Universities Initiative, and we are currently developing the ECIU University as our response to challenge-based learning within the framework of a strong European university alliance.

UiS provides a multifaceted, innovative and high-quality learning environment where modern educational methods are applied. Many of UiS research activities are pursued in cooperation with NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS, other universities, research institutes and regional, national and international industries. Regional interplay between the university and industry is rich and diverse.